• Kalisop Plus

KALISOP® Plus: Our Specialty Fertilizer Now Contains Even More Nutrient!

November 28, 2018

The higher proportion of potassium (51% K2O) now present in KALISOP Plus is in sulphate form. Our fertiliser is particularly well-suited for chlorine-sensitive special crops – such as quality fruit or vegetables.

The nutrients contained in KALISOP Plus are completely soluble and become quickly available to plants. As users, you benefit from a high sulfur component (45% SO3). This level of sulfur increases nitrogen efficiency and has a positive impact on the yields and quality of your produce.

KALISOP Plus is extracted in Germany as a potash crude salt of natural origin and is certified for ecological farming. The advantages of our sulfate fertilizers are also evident from greater granule strength, lower dust formation and an optimal granulometry.

Improve your yield and obtain premium quality results thanks to KALISOP Plus!